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Spark3 is an innovative, dedicated provider of professional design, development, management & marketing solutions.

We work for businesses & ventures that seek efficient, effective media communication; meaningful engagement; and measurable growth.

We help companies like yours make the most of their online presence.

If you operate online, then you know that your presence extends well beyond a single platform.

Communication, commerce, and growth happen across media types, across device types, and in a more extensive network of destinations than ever before.

At Spark3, we help our clients optimize their presence across the many spaces needed to be effective online: sites, social, mobile, video, search, and even in-person.

Graphic Design · Web Development · Growth Strategy · UI/UX · Commercial Art · DesignOps · Product Thinking · Marketing Comms · eCommerce · Communications

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More than Service Providers

Beyond the work we perform, a vital component of the Spark3 standards is how we work.

We develop and adhere to continually evolving approaches, standards and ethics to stand out in our field as an accomplished & trustworthy provider.

Built Locally; Deployed Globally

Based in Southern California & serving clients around the world. Each day, we deliver work worthy of its place on a global stage.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes & purposes

Some examples from our range of clients.

Enterprise-level financial and tax preparation software

Cloud-based platform for business financial operations

The world’s #1 open distributed cloud service

Automated sourcing for enterprise companies

Nasal congestion acoustic resonance therapy

Industry-leading continuous delivery & compliance software

The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Innovative DevOps release automation

Workplace comms platform

Los Angeles Luxury Interior Design

Fleet/vehicle performance management & safety

Unique, premium Los Angeles boutique taco chain

Extensive catalog of tulips & more; home to the famous Tulip Festival

Multinational Data Integration Provider

Community hospital and healthcare network

Emerging virtual reality experience development

Hollywood visual effects studio

Customer success platform

SMS-based contactless restaurant service

National, transformative Jewish school network

Large-scale, industrial hemp extraction

Full spectrum hemp & CBD oil products

Best-selling tropical cocktails book

Personalized Jewish learning partners

Historic firehouse preservation

Gourmet chocolates & gift baskets

Estate-grown fine wines

Author of books for teens and adults

In-depth background checks & employee screening

Cloud security SaaS startup

Los Angeles Actors Training

Leading rose nursery & ecommerce site

On-camera host and dynamic social media influencer

Good help just got easier to find.

Whether you’re a fast-paced startup, a small business with a tight budget, or a multinational with a global audience, you need a partner that you can trust to keep your best interests at heart.

Spark3 sets itself apart not just in the quality of our work, but in how we work.

Interested in a personal introduction?

The best way to determine if we’re a good match for one-another is to start with a simple conversation.

In a short chat, you can learn a bit more about us & how we serve our clients while we get a sense of what you wish to accomplish and how to best set up your projects for success.

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