About Spark3

Spark3 is an innovative provider of professional design, development, management & marketing solutions for businesses & ventures seeking efficient & effective media communication.

Beyond a simple web design firm, Spark3 operates as an extension of our clients’ enterprises to translate the technology & trends of the Internet into a dynamic & active part of their business operation, customer relationship management & marketing development.

Our client-list ranges from Fortune 100, industry-leading companies to small businesses that desire a huge impact.

History & Personnel

Spark3 was founded in March 2001 by Michael Hanttula and Alexis Janson as they left agency roles to create a company that could more directly address their client needs with nimble and efficient development processes along with personal, dedicated service.

Since 2001, Spark3 has been helping companies improve their online operations while engaging & growing their audiences.

Spark3’s extensive range of design & development services brings agency-level capabilities to a much broader range of companies and organizations by maintaining a value-oriented approach and by actively reducing the processes and overhead that sabotage budgets.

Michael Hanttula is the current principal and head of studio.


Spark3 Logo

Spark3 Logo – Dark

Spark3 Logo – Reversed (White)


Spark3 is available for interviews, podcasts, panel discussions, and speaking engagements on the topics including:

  • WordPress design & development
  • Making good design & development choices for Startups
  • The 10,000 Hour Head Start: leveraging professional assets for quick operations scaffolding
  • Small business online operations
  • Ethical business practices
  • Small business entrepreneurship
  • Multi-disciplinary design & development
  • Starting with accessibility & inclusion
  • Implementing company-wide DesignOps and Design Thinking
  • Creating Design Systems

Available via email and phone, as well as:

Live Chat

Video Calls



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